Commission Junction Review The Well Affiliate Marketing Networking System!

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CJ provides more highlights than many other affiliate marketing companies. One of its most unique features is a web-based email system that allows affiliates and publishers to correspond with each other. This makes it easy for both parties to have a means of communication without a middleman relaying the messages. Although CJ does not classify advertisers as “Premium Advertisers” they do represent large and well known businesses this are able to create more internet traffic through the advertisement, raising commissions.
CJ notifies its affiliates when a link and/or advertisement has expired so they can keep their website up-to-date. For affiliates who are administrators over several websites, CJ has created a simple way for you to manage your campaigns and track stats for each site individually.
Certain advertisers will offer specials or incentives, and CJ helps you access those advertisers easily by submitting them on their Get Links page. The incentives are created by the advertisers to motivate better affiliate performance. CJ provides payment options through check or direct deposit. Banking frequency is monthly and the threshold is $50 for direct deposit and $100 for check.
CJ has the capability to let you know how your site is doing at any point in time by offering up-to-date reporting with real time stats. Reports available entail week over week, month over month and year over year reporting, which models it possible for users to pull up any two weeks, weeks or years and view the changes in their stats. This is a popular and useful form of reporting for affiliates and extremely the large businesses who keep a close watch on their stats.
The website offers Performance and Transactions Reports. It is easy to pull up a report and find the subject you are looking for because each option provides a drop-down menu. Through show reporting, users have the option to view their monthly performance trend by commissions, sale amounts, sales, leads, clicks, conversion rate (CR) and earnings per 100 clicks (EPC). They can also run a performance report based on a specific website covering an exact period or date range. CJ will run reports based on your top ten advertisers by week or by month so that you can see who brings in the most commission earnings. We also found that you can protect reports for archive purposes and offline study.
Transaction report types include: commission synopsis, commission detail, business deal summary and transaction detail. These reports can be sorted by advertizer or event date and through type of advertisement, sale, advanced sale, lead, advanced lead, click, per thousand impressions, bonus and performance incentives). These reports can well encapsulate an exact period or date range and provide balance details such as expected commissions and current balance.
With the large volume of reporting features CJ provides, the process of running a report is still very simple and easy.
It is free and easy to sign up as a publisher with Commission Junction. The registration is fast and immediately after registering, users will receive an e-mail that allows them to sign into their account and begin utilizing the services the company offers. To register, all you need to enter is your contact data, the web address for the website you will use to present ads and the way you would like to be paid. After submitting your information and agree to the legal portion, an email will be sent to your account. After clicking on the link to confirm your email and identity, everything CJ offers is now at your fingertips.
Commission Junction’s homepage ( provides information for each user fund and the stats of their websites. Quick Stats located on the homepage includes: web site, period, commission earned, sales, leads, clicks and impressions, click-through rate (CTR), earnings per 1000 Impressions (EPM) and earnings per click (EPC). It also shows Program Results and earnings over seven days, three many months and altogether.
The website is designed with a user-friendly interface. Any page you are on will easily navigate you to another page or area of the website. The Account tab will take registered users to the Administrative settings where they are able to change account, payment and tax data as well as user settings.
Hand in hand with the ease of the website are the search options CJ provides. Affiliates are able to sift through their advertisements and utilize a variety of searches to meet their needs. Advertisements can be pulled up according to permission status: offered, pending, accepted or declined by advertiser. You can also search through your advertising and links by earnings per click, type, size, relationship, and status.
CJ has leared what affiliates are looking for and made it possible for them to easily perform searches to find the answers and information they are looking for. We found the website very user friendly when using the search engine on-site, and were able to regain our data within a minute.
CJ has helpful and friendly customer support specialists. Each time we called CJ with the toll-free number listed on their site, we were able to quickly connect to a representative who was able to answer our questions. The longest amount of time we were on adhere while trying to reach a representative was 3.5 minutes.
The website also offers Frequently Asked Questions that include topics such as: What is a publisher? What is an advertiser? What is an affiliate marketing program? How does CJ know which publisher to pay for a transaction? Are advertisers’ ads available in multiple languages? These questions plus many more useful questions and answers are available on their website.
Once you are a member and have logged into your account you will be brought to the home page, the CJ Account Manager page. From this page you can click on the “Help” link and ask your own inquiry and get a specific answer just for you and your account from the CJ client services team.
There are several ways for a publisher to get in contact with CJ and with their friendly customer service and quick timing; getting help and/or support for your account will easily relieve any stress or worry you could have.

Commission Junction Summary:    10/10
We found Commission Junction to be the better affiliate marketing company we reviewed. They provide an easy interface and group when it comes to your account and keeping track of your ads. With the website features, reporting, search picks and customer support combined through their selection of advertisers, this company has what any affiliate marketer is hunting for, all in one place.


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