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The Best Way To Make Money In PPD Using Sharecash Three Or Four Cleanfiles

Pay per download or PPD is extremely a lucrative and a rather easy way of making money online as long as you choose the right PPD network, and have utilized the right money making method to benefit from people downloading files.
The method we are going to observe here is promoting your PPD files through a one page Blogger blog, targeting easy to rank for software tools that people are desperate to get hold of for free or in this case just by satisfying out an offer through our PPD network.
A popular niche to take is Facebook games where we can offer and promote a real or fake (no ethics here) bot for the game promising infinite gold, cash or items. Now as before mentioned we don’t have to essentially offer a real bot as a file for them to download, in fact most people just upload a text file to the PPD network with a jokey message not really caring as the human being has already filled out an offer to download the fake file.
In this example we are going to target a Farmville 2 bot that offers infinite coins,cash and items. First of all you would check Google to find out if a bot already exists because they may have some useful text and images on their page, that you can use on your own author blog to promote your PPD file.
Next you use the Google Keyword Tool to try and find the most sought after keywords used to search for said ‘Farmville 2 Bot’. Once you have a excellent list of keywords to target you will create a Blogger blog and name the blog as one of the popular keywords, making sure to use the equal keyword in the blog url.
The next process is to add a file to your PPD network remembering this can either be a fake or real bot that you can offer to your blog visitors. Now there are quite a few PPD networks out there with varying degrees of difficulty to be popular as a member, and the two PPD networks recommended for you to use are Sharecash or Cleanfiles.
Once you have chosen and uploaded the real or fake bot file to your PPD network you will need to copy and paste the url, that leads to the certain webpage provided by the PPD network that requires your visitors to fill out an offer to download your file.
Next you need to create a blog post on your Blogger blog making sure to use your main keyword in the blog post title, and use the main keyword sporadically throughout the text in the blog post along any other useful keywords found. Now the best way to go about crafting the text for your blog post is to show off what the bot will do for them, and how it will improve their gaming experience on Farmville 2. Remember you are trying to get the visitor to click that download button and hopefully fill out the offer from the PPD network, so you should not be scared to over contribute to the software on offer.
You should then add a nice download button graphic below the text which can be found using Google images, and make sure the button leads to the special page URL on the PPD network when clicked by a visitor. Finally you should really add some of the found key phrases to the tags of the blog post and then publish it.
The final thing to do is promote your blog using bookmarking, web 2.0′s, scrapebox blasts and any other promotional strategies you can use to get your blog indexed and ranking in the search engines. You can either do this promotion your body for free or use the ever well-known FIVERR to find cheap companies that will greatly help rank your Blogger website. earn money with ppd
One more tip you can use that will help with conversions when promoting PPD files is to keep updating the date on your blog post on Blogger to a recent post date each week and republish it. The reason I say this is because I found that after about two months the PPD file downloads had dried up and I couldn’t understand why, because my rankings in Google was the same and the visitor stats remained steady. So I experimented with changing various things until I noticed that altering the blog post date to a much more recent date, suddenly kicked those PPD file downloads into gear. I think this was simply because the post date was old and stale, and possibly the website visitor thought the software they were looking for will also be out of date.
That is pretty much it on a simple process to easily promote and earn money through PPD networks, and the limit to what you can do to earn money with PPD file movies is only your imaginativeness. Just setting up and promoting several of these Blogger blogs can easily earn you from $10′s to $100′s a day, with little to no effort on your own part and is a highly recommend money causing method for anyone.


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